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Batch Transfer Items by Barcode Scan

Question asked by dale_allyn on May 25, 2017
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I'm looking to define a solution for transferring items from one location within a company to another; e.g. Move from Control Room to Weights & Measures, assigned to Alice; then move from W & M/Alice to Basic Testing and Bob. This is to be done in random size batches of one to ten, occasionally more. Each has an identifying barcode and will be scanned via USB scanner.


Currently, items can be moved and assigned to a technician one at a time. This is done by script on the item's individual record. Users need to be able to scan 5 or 10 items and move them to the next station or back to Inventory Control, rather than one by one on each individual record.


I'm drawing a bit of blank on the best, most user friendly, solution here. I'm starting to lean toward a New Window (modal) on which there's a dropdown list for destination, a list for assignee, and a tall text field to capture the scanned barcode values separated by carriage returns. Then the user simply hits Submit or Cancel.


BUT, I'm not sure how best to proceed with processing the list of input values. I can think of how we used to do it in FoxPro and how we do it SQL, but I've not needed this for a very long time with FMP and not sure how best to proceed in FMP.


Transfers will occur from different workstations at random times. Each station has a scanner. Users scan to move item out/onwards, and will need to scan a new batch to accept inbound transfers. (The acceptance/receipt confirmation will be done by flag on the record.)


Problem: I'm getting hung up on how best to search on the list of scanned items in order to run the transfer script on each: Stuff all into a Global Field? $Variable? Temp table and have each scan create a new record and loop through? My transfer script creates a new record in a LocationHistory table, as we track that closely; and it sets the current location of each item in subLineItems table (submission line items).


I'm getting hung up on the batch process from a list created from barcode scans. Any input is greatly appreciated. (I've searched the forum [and others], but I haven't found what seems best.)