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Can't delete some Table occurrences & Recovery fails

Question asked by carlo.motzo on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2017 by gdurniak

Hi all,

I'm facing a serious problem.


I have a very complex solution.

Data separation model.

UI file + Data file.


Everything works perfectly, so I never used the Recovery function.


But I discovered casually that - in the UI file - 5 table occurrences simply can't be deleted.

No relations, they are TOs not used by anything, anywhere.


If I try to delete them in the Relationship graph, I can confirm with the Remove button.

The TOs disappear, as usual.

But when I reopen the Relationship graph, they are still there.


Second (and worst) issue.

If I launch the "full" Recovery, in the recovered UI file I can delete them permanently.

But the UI file is completely broken: relations, fields, layouts that freeze the computer...

Tried all Advanced recovery options with no luck.


DDR shows relations from "nowhere" to the TOs, relations that don't exist.


Surely an old event (power failure?) has created some damage to the schema.


I could leave everything as is: after all, the solution works perfectly.

But the idea that the file is corrupted is really disturbing.


Writing a new UI file from scratch would require many months of work...

Do you know a different way to recover a FM file?


Thank you