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List, Loop, Verify and auto-Update status?

Question asked by dj1up on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by dj1up

Hey guys so the task i'm trying to complete is this.  I have service items that customers bring in and each of them has a status to indicate what part of the repair process it is in.  I would like to have my service record auto update once all serving is completed based off the status of all the items for that record.  I recall watching a training video that RC Consulting did and if i remember correctly they used the List function and then looped through the items to see if they all matched the finial status and that the total of both was equal, at that time the Status of the whole record was updated as "Service Complete/Call Customer".


Does any one have any thoughts on how to do this.


I have my two parent tables set up with the join table in between them.  I'm just not sure how to collect only the items in that record, verify that they all have the same status and then have the record auto update.   Well the last part is easy enough.  This will all be scripted and SubScripted and will be ran by pushing a button on the main record.


Thank you for your help.