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"Export Records" script step strips tabs, returns

Question asked by wfgclapp on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by wfgclapp

Ok, so I don't think "strips" is the right word. But...


I have a tab-delim block of text in a text field that I want to export to a .txt file via script on FMS. The only way I know to do this is by using the "Export REcords" script step and exporting just that one field. I can do that, and a file is indeed created. However, if I open the resulting exported file in Excel, the tabs are not preserved as delimiters, nor the return or line-feed characters. What Excel "sees" is one long string of text.


(what I am actually wanting to do is then use a PSOS script to import this file into a FM table. I mention Excel b/c that is what I am using  to test my exported file)


I have tried all of the various Export options (UTF-8, UTF-16, Win-ANSI) but no joy.


The text in my field is "good" (this is the field I am exporting). I say this because I can select and copy the contents of the field in Form view, paste it into a txt file, and it opens with Excel as a tab-delim file, just as it should. But when I create a txt file by exporting that very same field's contents via "Export Records", I get a txt file that will NOT open in Excel as tab-delim. And of course, it does not Import either.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? Maybe there's a nuance of exporting that I do not understand?


By the way, if I open the resulting Exported file in Notepad, I see a  strange symbol where my returns should be. Maybe I've been infected by the "Prince virus"? Screenshot below...

Any thoughts?