Value lists/relationships

Discussion created by sandygjohnston on May 25, 2017
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Hello again,

I'm building a database for a law office to track customers, contacts, companies & projects.  The office practices various kinds of law, so eventually there will be many similar groupings of tables for each area of law we practice.


Some of the companies we deal with quite often, so I have separate layouts for our "rolodex."  But they are often related to the various projects we have going, so I want to relate them to the projects.


I want to use drop-down lists of the companies and contacts by stacking a field with the ID, with the calculated text-string result of the Company + Dept + street + City, State, Zip.  I want to use all of that string because there are many companies in our "rolodex" with many branches.


I have been able to get the ID number to appear in the first field, but I can't get the proper calculated results to show in the 2nd field.  See the screenshot below.  Am I supposed to relate something differently?



And for the second field, I am asking to it to show the CO-ID_Calc field in the FILE_Company_Manag table.


But here is what I get.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Help?