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FM Runtime 16 VCRuntime140.dll weirdness....

Question asked by synergy46 on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by user28232

I know runtime has been 'deprecated' but I am interested in knowing anyone else's experience.


My Windows 10 PC runs the latest version of my program (3.99)( runtime FM 16)  as expected.


I have a user who gets an error message stating basically "the app can not start because VCRuntime140.dll is missing or corrupt.


" Ok, 'stuff happens'.  Users do weird things; uninstall programs, accidentally delete system files etc.


But, the 'offending version is 3.99 (created under FM 16)


If the same user runs version 3.65 (created under FM 15) on the same computer everything works as expected. 


And,  on my PC with Windows 10, I can run the 3.99 runtime without incident.  (But, I have the VCRuntime140.dll file in my /system32 directory.)


So, the question is: "What, if anything has filemaker done to the version 16 runtime to make this happen?  Why does 3.65 work and 3.99 fail on the users computer?"


Your thoughts?