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Those magically appearing and disappearing scrollbars

Question asked by Bill Krauss on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by TSGal

I’ve come across an issue in FM16 and I’m wondering if anyone else has come up against it or, even better, found a solution.


Now that the window frame has been removed, scrollbars appear dynamically when needed. That’s great, except that those scrollbars make the effective size of the window smaller.


For example, in a system I’m working on, there’s a list view layout that has data pretty much edge-to-edge. When the number of records in the found set fits in the window vertically, all is well. When the found set is greater than what will fit, however, the scrollbars magically appear. The problem is that the window doesn’t get any bigger. The scrollbars obscure the right-most data and cause horizontal scrollbars to appear at the bottom.


As you can imagine, this is pretty distracting. We can add empty space on the right margin to prevent the scrollbars from covering the data, of course, but that doesn’t solve the horizontal scrollbar issue.


Any suggestions?