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Moved filemaker file, now it won't share

Question asked by justusagency on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by beverly

Hi guys,


Our server fell over a couple of days ago and after trying to get it working again with little success, I copied the filemaker file we use for our business over to my iMac [It was on a Mac mini (early 2009) previously]. I can open the file and have activated the file sharing items on my computer for the file but when my colleagues try to login, they get the "Host has exceeded number of connections" error pop up for them. Having scoured the interweb I'm not sure why this is happening.


The "Server" was running FMP 13 advanced, as is my iMac. There are no external scripts being called as far as I can make out. Everything is as it was but it throws a hissy fit. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance