Name a script to run in a field?

Discussion created by martinc on May 26, 2017
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We have lots of automated FM reports that go out via email.  I have scripts with nested scripts.


Monday am script is just a bunch of perform script commands.  Each script sends out the monday reports to various people.


Since we have a lot of them, it's a pain to manage


I started building a Reports table.  Each record would correspond to a report that is generated by a script.  Each report would have a check box list of recipients by job title.

I put a field in the Reports table that references the corresponding script...Question: Is there a way to fire a specific script based on the text in a field?

If I put a trigger on a field, that would not be record specific.



Record one references a payroll report

Record two references a sales report

I loop through the records and send the respective report to the associated job titles


This would make it much easier to turn on/off various report, determine who gets them, how often and so on.