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    Subsummary Line Item Numbers


      I feel like I'm missing something simple here...  We have several "order detail" reports.  The subsummary part is the product number and the body part is all the "doors" that belong to that product number.  I'm looking to add a "line item" number at the subsummary level for easy reference.  So a vendor or warehouse person who receives the order can reference the line number if they have a question or need additional info.




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          Do the numbers start at 1 at the top of the report and increment by 1 all the way to the end or does each set grouped under a sub summary part start over at 1?


          If the former, you can use the insert menu to insert a record number text object into the body that will number your records from top to bottom.


          If the latter, you can add a "count of" summary field and define it to show a running total that restarts "when grouped by" and specify the field on which you are sorting for your sub summary parts. Then put this field into the body.