FMS16 AVPlayer taking longer to play audio files within scripts

Discussion created by ericjlindholm on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by ericjlindholm

Product and version - Filemaker Server 16, filmmaker go    

OS and version - Windows server 2012 R2

Browser and version (for WebDirect only)

Hardware - Server class PC,  iPads on connected over optimized LAN

Description - Playing an audio only file with no interaction or control takes longer with than it did with FMS15.


I have a barcode scanning script that plays an audio clip out of a container and then goes back to a global field with the curser set and  ready to receive the next text string to be scanned entered with the wedge type scanner. the av player triggering removes the curser from the field if there is not enough delay. 


on server15 with go15, no pause was needed after the AVPlayer script step.

on server 15 with go16, a .2 second pause was needed to guarantee the curser would end up in a field ready to type

on server 16 with go 16, a 3 second pause is required and a "attempting to access media" warning is flashed even tho no controls r enabled.


How to replicate

   create a container with a very short and small audio clip

    create a script that says play audio from file and the go to field [ select/perform ]

workaround - revert to fms15?