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Create a value list from a filtered table..or ...

Question asked by user26751 on May 26, 2017
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I have a “Customer” table related to “Products” table - one to many relationship

I need to create Kits with Include many Products (components) from the same customer

so I created a  “Kits” Table related to “Components” one to many relationship ( a Kit may have many components - which are products)

i created a relationship between "Customers" table and "Kits" - one to Many ( a customer may have many kits)

I related the “Components” Table  to a second occurrence of  the “Products” Table ( __proID in “Products” Table to _proID in “components” Table)

I created a value list “ Comp” using a specific field from Products Table ( first field: __ProID & second Field: Product Name)

I created a “Kits” portal in “Customer “ layout and a “Components” Portal in “Kits” layout

one of the fields in the Components Portal in kits layout is “Components::_prodID”  and defined as value list “Comp”


The idea is to create a Kit and assign Components (Products) to that kit  from the same customer and not using components from all customers

Problem: The value list is allowing me to select all products from all customers instead of only products  related to that one customer

so I went back to the value list "comp" and Unclicked  “Include all Values” and click on Include only related value from : and  selected “Customers


after that, The value list did not show any components after that. or if the portal was already populated by 2  or 3 components it would allow me to select one of those 2 or 3 components only....


Can someone help me resolve this?