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    FMP 16 Improvements?


      As I am about to dive in to 16, I wonder if the two big issues I have had with 15 have been addressed: 1) The need to match the architecture (32bit/64bit) of the FMP installation to the architecture of the Outlook version in use. 2) The cryptic font appearing in pop-up menus (i.e.; Acrobat temp file garbage). This one has been a real disaster for me.

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          #1 isn't filemaker's fault, it's an issue with Outlook. FM16 still offers a 32 and 64 bit installer, however they have noted that the 32 bit installer could be removed in future releases.


          As for #2, again, not sure this is a filemaker bug at all. The solution for clearing the font cache still works whenever that issue manifests itself.


          If those are your primary concerns I would say that FM16, nor any subsequent release, will guarantee you 100% unobstructed functionality. Both of those concerns rely on external programs and 3rd party files, so FMI can only do so much to be compatible with them.