Web-Direct URL Connection Directly to Database

Discussion created by dchretien on May 26, 2017
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Prior to the release of version 16, I had databases configured for Web-Direct access.  I also had the server configured to show in the Launch Center, only those databases for which a user had access privileges.


With those settings, I was able to define a URL such as "https://mydomain.com/fmi/webd#MyDatabase" and the user would be brought straight to "MyDatabase."  I was able to hide these databases in the Launch Center so that other users, who had access to more than one database, didn't see these. 


Now, with the release of version 16, Web-Direct prompts for a user name and password to connect to the Launch Center instead of going directly to the database.  If you enter a valid user name and password for "MyDatabase," the system responds that you do not have the proper access privileges, because it's hidden in the Launch Center.  It does not open that database.


Am I missing something, or is this now standard behavior?


--Dennis Chretien