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Filemaker Server 16 'Open Remote...' response time

Question asked by alangodfrey on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by wimdecorte

I have installed FM Server 16 on an iMac 14.4 (and I'm not a Mac user, sorry).  It is running:

Sierra 10.12.5

1.4 GHz Core i5


1600MHz DDR3


I have FM Pro installed on a Core i5 Windows 10 Pro machine sitting beside it.  When I 'Open Remote...' on the Windows machine it shows the Server Machine straight away in the Launch Centre, then gives me a 'Waiting response...' progress bar for 30 seconds before it shows me the Sample File.  When I double-click the Sample File it gives me an egg timer for another 30 seconds before it opens.  Once opened it seems to be fine, though it's hardly a demanding file.


Can anyone confirm if this is normal behaviour for Version 16?


Thanks very much.


- update -

When I install FM Pro 16 on the same iMac and use it to 'Open remote...' it shows the Server's Sample File immediately, and when I double-click the Sample File it opens immediately, all as expected.