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    Blue highlights


      Any response to what is probably a total noob question is appreciated.  I am trying to understand the difference in behaviors between clicking in fields in Browse mode.    Clicking in some fields with text causes the field in focus to select the entire contents and highlight it.   Click in others with text brings the cursor to the end of the text in the field without highlighting it.  Which means in some fields to enter additional text I have to click twice and others I only click once.  Why does FMP do this?  Can it be set to consistently set the cursor at the end of the text without highlighting?

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          FMP 15 btw. it does this in starter solutions and my own solutions.

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            You can set the behaviour to "select entire contents" on field entry in the rightmost tab of the Inspector palette. This setting is individual for each field object on your layout, so you first need to select a field.

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              That does not affect the behavior.  Both kinds of fields I describe are set to "select entire contents".

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                Are all of the fields in question edit boxes or have some been formatted as drop down lists or pop up menus? Do any have script triggers?

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                  There is a tendency that drop down or other autofill fields exhibit exhibit the highlighting of all text on the first click, but there are also some free entry fields that exhibit the same behavior. 

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                    if "select entire contents" is not specified for the field, you should not see all contents selected on field entry unless some other UI feature is involved. A value list format or a script trigger's script are two such possibilities. There are also cases where a back ground fill color "shows through" in a field when you enter it, but in that case the field contents are not actually selected, but the color change might produce an illusion that they are.


                    Did you check for script triggers?


                    And you might tell us exactly which starter solution fields are exhibiting this behavior. We can then take a look at the layout in question and check for what details are controlling the behavior that you report to see if we can spot why the entire contents are selected.


                    If you want to do that, upload a screen shot, name the file, the version of FileMaker that the starter solution came with and the name of the layout if the layout name is not visible in the screen shot.

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                      So this is from a very old fmp5 starter solution - back when you had to link separate files to create a relational solution.  It was a invoice/contacts solution.  No idea what it was called.   I updated the aesthetic to a modern theme, but the behavior was there in the old one.  note the selected field is unchecked "select entire contents"


                      Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.52.14 PM.png


                      But, in browse mode, one click in the field selects the entire contents.  This is note drop down or value list or autofill.

                      Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.52.30 PM.png


                      thanks for the help!

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                        You still have not indicated whether or not a script trigger has been specified for that field, but I will assume for this reply that no such script trigger is specified.


                        You are dealing with a file that has had to go through file conversion and Filemaker 15 and later use themes in a way quite different from FileMaker 5. It thus might not behave the same as a brand new layout created in a newer version of FileMaker.


                        Can you reproduce this in a new layout created from "scratch" without copying elements from a previously set up layout?


                        If you add a new copy of "Last" to this layout, does it still show this behavior?

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                          I am sorry, you are correct, there are no triggers.


                          But you gave me an idea, So, upon creating a duplicate layout and then deleting the offending fields and re-adding them fresh, the problem goes away.


                          What this tells me is that there are controls that the interface doesn't show. Certainly for the case of old, converted solutions .  thank you for your help!