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    FMS16 Web Direct Login Prompts Twice



      Just recently updated from FMS 14 to 16. I have active directory integration and my FMS is hosted internally on my corporate network only. I have the option set to only display databases the user has permission to selected. However when I log into webd, I am correctly prompted for the username and password box first before getting a list of databases. However when I select a database I am again prompted to login. Is this a bug or configuration issue with FMS? FMS 14 would only require me to login once when I had the display only databases option selected. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          This behaves similar to the desktop. There is a setting in filemaker server like "show only databases for which each user has access to". When logging in via desktop or webdirect, it will require you to login so you can see the databases you have access to, and then again when selecting that database.


          If you uncheck that box, it removes the first login, however users will then be able to see the complete list of databases on your server.


          You can also direct webdirect users directly to a file by setting up a custom homepage, with simple direct links to your file via HTML:

          <a href="http://yourserver/fmi/wedb/filename">Open filename</a>

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            Hi Mike/Community:

            Thanks for the reply and update. I am pretty up to date with the functionality of FMS (been using since server/FMP 10). We turned on the feature to only display databases the user has access to so they only have to log in once. Many of our staff bounce from one database to another and like that in version 14 this feature works similarly to a SSO (sort of).


            As I stated with Version 14, on the web direct page after you logged in when you clicked on a database it would open right up as the credentials were already supplied (cached). Unless this was changed in 16 (or 15) I didn't notice anything in the release notes relating to this. I'm concerned whether this is a bug, mis-configuration in the server on my part or a change in how the web direct login function works. We use the web direct database page as an intranet landing page for our databases. I prefer to only show staff the database they have permissions to access instead of showing them all. We don't want to have to setup or create a custom HTML or CMS page for all our databases.


            Also since this is an internal server only I am not leveraging SSL at this time. I am in the process of a full AD upgrade to 2012 R2 and once that's done I'll create an internal CA to handle internal SSL certificates. Would not having a SSL affect the behavior of login prompts on web direct?


            Otherwise if this is just how version 16 functions going forward then I'll have to adapt to it. I will be sending out a how-to guide to my staff about the changes from version 14 to 16 once I learn of the new functionality of FMS web direct. Any advice again is appreciated. Thank you.