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Discussion created by pomilpetan on May 27, 2017
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Goodmorning everyone,


I have a problem creating a portal with filtered data from a text field. I mean:


I have a table of registers (table1) with various people. Each person can follow one or more marks that are marked in the person's record through a checkbox. The list of trademarks is taken from a trademark master, so a dynamic and non-static list.


In a second table (table2) I have a brand name search field that is linked to the same list. At this point I create a portal where I must present all the people related to that particular brand sought. I set it as a portal filter table2 :: brand = table1 :: brand


And here is the problem.


If the person has only the sought after brand then it is visible to me as it does not appear if there are other brands besides the brand.


Looking at the "excel" mode, the various records of people result in the various brands reported one under another (for those with various associated brands)


In my view, the search function (table2 :: brand = table1 :: brand) is not correct because table1 :: brand, if it has multiple brands inside, it is not = table2 :: brand. So I'm trying to figure out how to tell the system to find all records that have table2 :: brand in table1 :: brand. With this function I find only records where only the trademark in question is present. I ask someone for a quick start or a different view of the problem and perhaps a possible solution.


thank you