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Perform Script on Server - can't reference 2nd file

Question asked by on May 26, 2017
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Here's my situation:


I have 2 files (FileA calls script in FileB) and the script in FileB does not function.  Both files are hosted on the same server.  Both files are open to begin using the same userid (with full access) .


Here's the outline:

1. Script1 in FileA runs locally and calls Script2 in FileA using PSOS.

2. Script2 in FileA then makes a call to Script3 in FileB.


It all works fine when I run without PSOS.  When I use PSOS, here's what happens:


a. Script3 returns nothing.  It does not run.

b. From Script2, using GetFieldName function on tables in FileB return nothing.

c. From Script2, related fields in FileB return no value.



- This appears specific to FileB.  I conducted a test using GetFieldName on a third file and that returns the correct field name.

- I have 'recovered' FileB to see if there is any corruption, but it came out clean.


Does anyone have an idea on what might be causing this?



Thanks ... Steve.