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Filemaker Pro 16 Weird Issue with Text boxes

Question asked by PeterChen on May 26, 2017
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has anyone encountered this weird issue with FileMaker Pro 16 with the text boxes?


I have a trial version to evaluate and I have this weird problem.


Please see screenshot.


All the text boxes would have the height expanded on its own in browse mode and after entering data and I clicked away, the box's height would return

to its original height but the data gets hidden and nowhere to be seen!


Are these bugs?


How do I troubleshoot this?


I also tried opening the file with my original version 14 and found that the new file created with the trial copy of version 16

has the same problem in Browse mode in version 14. The text boxes expanded its height on its own and after entering data, it also disappears and gets hidden.


My old file created with version 14 earlier does not have any problem with the text box height when I open it in my version 14 again. The problem is with version 16.


Thank you!


FMP 16 text-box issues.jpg