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FMServer database directory depth

Question asked by justinc on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by justinc

Does FileMaker server database directory specification only allow one sub-folder deep, in order to show/host files?


I have a new server I was setting up and I was going to take the opportunity to organize the files a bit better.  But when I created some sub folders on this new server, putting the DB files in those sub-folders caused them to not show up automatically on the Server.  If I move the file up one directory, they show up fine.  Move them back down, they disappear from the list of files.


E.g. if the 'Additional folder' is defined to be "Filewin:/E:/Databases_E":

E:Databases_E/(files OK)
E:Databases_E/Files(files ok)
E:Databases_E/Files/Active/(NOT SHOWN)
E:Databases_E/Other(files ok)
E:Databases_E/Other/TestOther(NOT SHOWN)


So...does it allow for only 1 sub-directory in depth?  I read through the Help pages on setting up directories and don't recall seeing anything that specified it had a limit on sub-folder depth.


This is FMS 15.03 on Window 2012 R2.