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    Input from value list.




      I have an input field (input01) whose value I choose from a value list showing data of a field (input01values) which is in the same table.
      I load the table via script:
      - goto layout

      - new record
      - goto field input01


      Now here's the problem:
      - sometimes FM focuses correctly and shows the list and lets me choose
      - sometimes FM focuses correctly *but* does not show the list not even after clicking


      I tried also with goto object but no change.
      I tried selecting select at input but no change.


      I have to close and open FM to make it run.


      - how behaves FM with goto field and goto object?
      - does select at input influence these two different steps?



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          Jason Wood

          Just to clarify your problem:


          1) It seems entirely random?

          2) It cannot be reproduced except by repeating the action until it doesn't work?

          3) Once it doesn't work, it will continue to not work until application restart?


          I think I remember having a similar issue a couple times over the years where popup lists would stop popping up, requiring application restart to fix. Make sure you have the latest updates and try running recovery to see if there might be corruption.

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            Any chance you just need a refresh at the end of the script?