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Combining Flexsearch & Popup pickers

Question asked by pleiades on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by pleiades

Hi All!


I'm trying to combine 2 modules Flexsearch & Popup Pickers to create a modular Super Flexible Pickers.


Flexsearch is created by Joshua Willing Halpern


Popup Picker is created by Kevin Frank


I'm able to combine the two and it's sort of working.


See the attached file for the combined Flexsearch & Popup Pickers


How to use the file

In the attached file you will be shown an invoice form

1.  Click on the Invoice Line Item to start the Product Picker

2.  Type any letter and press Enter key to show the results

3.  Select item using mouse,  (see keyboard problem below)


The problem I don't know how to solve is that while searching in the Product Picker window, when I press the [Enter] key, it will just jump to the first line of the list. I like to maintain the keyboard entry because it will be faster than a mouse.


I like to ask how to solve this problem so the enter key will work and would like to ask advice on how to improve the combination of Flexsearch & Popup Picker to make it more modular so anyone can use it.


Thank you All!