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Maximum number of Popovers on a layout

Question asked by DavidZakary on May 27, 2017

I'm using popovers to display status of inventory items in racks - if a spot is occupied in a rack, an icon is shown, if empty, no icon. The popover can be opened to display details of what is stored there.


There is a maximum grid of 20 x 20 - 400 popovers. Yeah, that's an insane number, but it works. If the rack dimensions are smaller, only the valid spots are displayed. For example, a rack could be 5 x 5 or 10 x 12. The maximum allowed is 20 x 20. The user selects a rack from a list and then only the valid spaces (popovers) are displayed.


Has anyone hit a realistic number of popovers on a layout where it just becomes unusable? If the full 20 x 20 is selected, the performance goes down a chunk but its still usable. These are actually 400 separate popovers. Sadly, a button bar didn't work as hiding segments doesn't change the overall width of a button bar it just makes the displayed segments larger. Always calculating 400 popovers is overkill. Most of the racks will be much smaller.


There is a possibility of adding depth to the rack - so the max would be 20 x 20 x 2. If we have to do that, I'll come up with a different way to display it.


If I was better with web stuff, I'd try to display it in a web viewer, but I'm not.


So the question is - has anyone hit a limit where it just becomes impossible to work with that many popovers?


FYI - While programming all of these I used Clip Manager 5. Moved a row of 20 popovers into CM5, then to BBEdit, search & replace and then back to CM5 and FileMaker 16. Worked well. A row of 20 popovers was about 105,000 lines of code in BBEdit. CM5 doesn't seem to like anything larger than 20. It keeps freezing when I try to do any more.