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    Field Naming exception question


      Per the FTS fm 14 fig 33 pg 70 a bunch of chars as field names trigger the warning dialog box..

      Why is } included in this list but { is not?


      Also it specifies that name same as function, parameter, or keyword will trigger the warning.


      What are the parameters or keywords?

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          see Reserved words in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker (good for 12 through 16). True, { is not in the list, can't tell why. But this extract from the page explains the use of }:


          The reserved words above are not case sensitive

          If a reserve word or words is used as the name of a field or table and later that field or table is used in a calculation - FileMaker Pro will automatically encapsulate the field using the following format:


          An example of what a calculation might look like that utilizes a reserve word as a field name is

          ${Random} + 25