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File Maker Pro 14 slow response and not responding during query to server

Question asked by Jeffesmi on May 27, 2017
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One of my customers has a custom developed FMP application that manages most functions in his veterinary office.  We had some problems with the old version of this program running on FMP9 and had the vendor upgrade us to the newer version with FMP11. The old problems are gone, but a new problem now exists.  When they select a record in this FMP application, they get the spinning circle for 10 seconds or so and a "not responding" on the top of the window. It eventually goes away, but this is very irritating and slows down their ability to move quickly around the program.  This seems to happen mostly when more than one user is in the system. At first, the developer thought it was a network connectivity issue, but after some testing thinks that is less likely and has asked me to disable anything I can on the server to make sure nothing is interfering with the application.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?  The setup is as follows:


3 workstations

     4GB RAM

     500GB HD

     dual-core 3+ Ghz (I believe)

     All hardwired to server

1 Server

     8GB RAM

     480GB SSD HD in software RAID-1

     XEON 3+ Ghz (quad I think)

     Active Directory Server (but single AD server, less than 10 users and few AD objects)


Server Software looks Like this:

Installed Programs that have an active component:

  1. Bonjour <-- Required for FileMaker
  2. Carbonite <-- We can temporarily for a very short period turn this off
  3. FileMaker Pro 11 <--Not sure if this counts as an active application
  4. FileMaker Pro 14 (x64) <-- Not sure if this counts as an active application
  5. FileMaker Server 14
  6. IIS URL Rewrite Module 2 <-- Not sure what this is
  7. Java 8 Update 131 (64-bit) <-- Required for FileMaker
  8. Logmein <-- Required for Support
  9. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 <-- I think this is a required AD component
  10. Microsoft Application Request Routing 3.0 <-- not sure what this is
  11. Microsoft External Cache  <-- Not sure what this is
  12. Microsoft Silverlight <-- Not sure about disabling this
  13. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable <-- I think this installed as part of FileMaker


  1. Active Directory Domain Services
  2. DHCP Server <-- Required for Active Directory
  3. DNS Server <-- Required for Active Directory
  4. File Services <-- I think I can remove these
  5. Web Server (IIS) <-- Requiredfor FileMaker


If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them before I start randomly disabling server components.