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Illegal Characters Post FM 15

Question asked by DaveRawcliffe on May 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by beverly

I have used "¬" as a parameter in Script Parsing for 7 + years to script a tree process through to a desired result.

"¬" has worked as recgonised and undeclared value in both the Mac & Win environment from ".fp7" up thru FM 15's ".fmp12"  as far as I can tell.


I had thought "¬" worked until I caught its failure in FM 16 when I ran script debugger.


Pre FMP 16: typical Script Parameter passed to Called TO's ID if TO's called ID is not known Thus :


If Known TO::ID:

"LayoutName|Navigate|Form|" & TO::ToID

Else If unKnown TO::ID:


Parsed Script Parameter "¬" produced an extractable ID


"¬" should be available as $SP [4]

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 00.22.28.png


There has been major discussions over the years about legitimate usable characters: Upper & Lower case alphas "a" thru "z" and numbers 1 thru 0 with Underscore as the primary  characters allowed.


With FMP 16 there are now other known (FMP 15) usable characters that have been moved to the unusable column.

This without a know posted list of deprecated characters.

At this point I am flying blind. Do I wait for v.1 in hopes of fix or do I bite the bullet and expend unnumberable hours revising "¬" to a specified  <unknown> value at this point through out.


I would like to know how many other characters such as "¬" are now no longer recognizable & will produce false results and should be avoided.


Currently this is a Major time hurt.