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    Printing Report with Portals


      What is the best way to do a report for printing that includes data from 3 databases,  I have tried with portals, but cant seem to manage row count, what I mean is if database A has 8 records and B had 5 records and C has 0, how do I a count for the different amounts of data?



      I hope that makes sense.



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          Portals are far from ideal for printing reports. They are better suited for data entry.


          But you can make the portals many rows of data high--preferrably much taller than you ever expect to need and then set them in the inspector to "slide up" and to "reduce enclosing part". This will not change the report's appearance in browse mode, but in Preview, printing or saving as PDF, the portal will shrink to just the number of rows needed to display the records visible in the portal.

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            That did the trick!!!!



            Thank you so much!!