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    Alternative to tooltips for iOS


      I've used tooltips on Mac and Windows to present results of a plethora of calculations and additional data all over a solution I've developed.


      Tooltips have been great at adding a dynamic layer of information without wasting screen real estate.


      Since tooltips don't work on iOS devices in Filemaker Go I've been thinking how I can present a similar layer of information without complicating either use or development/maintenance.


      This could be done using pop-overs, but I don't see that being very practical both in terms of development and maintenance of layouts.


      Any ideas/discussion around this would be appreciated.

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          Popovers are probably the easiest way to do it. Instead of hard coding the text into the popover consider using a utility table that stores all the info. You could calculate the contents by calling the primary key of the "tooltip" via ExecuteSQL with an on-enter trigger so you wouldn't have to maintain relationships.

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            Another option is to create multiple text objects for your tool tips. Position the objects where you want them And group the objects. Set the objects to be hidden unless a $$variable has a certain value. Create a button that sets the value to show the text objects.