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    Saving A PDF to a Container field


      Hi Guys


      I am trying to Create a PDF and save it to a container Field


      I would like to create the PDF In one solution and save it to a Container field in another

      Both solutions are related I have tables that are related in each solution


      I have no problem creating the PDF Thats fine I am just unable to work out how to save it to a Field rather than a file


      these solutions will be used on filmmaker server just add more difficulty


      and I'm sure you guys need more information I'm just not sure what info you will need


      Im using file maker 14 pro

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          Will you do this from a client session or do you want it to run as a scheduled script or via a perform script on server call?


          Assuming that you want to do it from a client session, You can use Save as PDF with a $Path variable that specifies the name and location where the PDF will be created when you save it. You can use Get ( TemporaryPath ) to calculate a value for your $Path variable so that the PDF is saved to the temporary folder so that you do not leave the user with a copy of the PDF where they might need to delete it later.


          You can then use the same $Path in the same script to insert the file into a container field using either insert file or insert PDF depending on whether you want to insert the PDF into an interactive container field or not.


          There are details that I have not yet spelled out that may keep this from working for you, so if you still can't make this work, feel free to post follow up questions where I or another person can go into more detail in order to answer your questions.