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Dynamic buttons from table data

Question asked by moodog on May 30, 2017
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Hi All, working on a solution and trying to get a idea of direction I should go. Basicly Im doing a estimate system. There are required codes to be entered so I want to walk the user through each step to assemble the line item. As with anything assigned codes there are codes that are rarely used and I want to try to speed up the entry.


Im going to assemble the required line item codes in global fields then write (commit) the data to the real table, clear globals before new line item or exit.


The point and question of my post, I have a drop down of ex. Damage Codes and I want to create a dynamic button list below that of most used codes.


So I have added a field in the DamageCode table named 'Usage' I plan on +1 that number everytime the code is used.


I then want the buttons to list the damage code by most used so that way the user can simply click a button with the most used code. Obviously they would just use the dropdown if the code they use is not provided on the buttons.


Basically it would be a quick list of most used codes by usage for easy entry. Ill attach a screenshot of a example layout to help present the idea.

A point in the right direction for dynamicly naming & assigning value of buttons from a table would be great.