WebDirect 16 - Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector + Cookies disabled

Discussion created by InfoAuch on May 29, 2017
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OS : Windows Sever 2012 R2

Filemaker : WebDirect 16


I already had this issue with just Chrome, issue that came and dissapeared. Today after a server reboot, the issue appears with any browser. If i run the /fmi/webd/FMServer_Sample page, I have the following message :



Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector because no JavaScript init function was found. Make sure one of these functions are defined:
  • com_filemaker_jwpc_iwp_application_AppJavaScriptComponent
  • com_vaadin_ui_AbstractJavaScriptComponent
  • com_vaadin_ui_AbstractComponent
  • com_vaadin_server_AbstractClientConnector


With in red in the middle : The cookies are disabled. Which is not the case on the browsers.


All the sites using filemaker are down and this is a major problem for our users.


For information, we had this issue on V15 when we tried to nat the server with another IIS server in the DMZ. I tested and saw that cookies where not transmitted. With no other solution we abandoned and used the server only in internal network. But today, we have the problem with a direct access.