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X-Join Portal Loading Issue

Question asked by mprythero on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi All -

I upgraded to Filemaker Pro (and Advanced) 16 this week and began working on some upgrades I have been working on for a project of mine. But I've run into an issue on a customization I made to the Invoice template and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.


I have a table Payments, which has a field named CustomerID and connects via relationship to the Customers table via its Customer Match ID field.


When I try an "=" relationship between the two, I go back to my Payments layout and view the portal to view the Customers (this portal is used to select a Customer from a list of customers to attach to the Payment record), but the problem is that while I copied it over from another layout (a layout and table called Invoices), and I'm near certain that I've changed everything to reference only fields related to Payments and Customers, it only shows one customer (the one that was referenced previously from a field I'm trying to get rid of). And for adding a whole new record, it doesn't show any customer name.


Now, when I try an "x" relationship (which I thought from previous research that it would show all records, no matter the relation), and go back to the Payment record and go to the Customer portal, it doesn't load anything or it is loading (with the circle spinning in the portal) but every time prior to whether they don't load or is constantly loading (but never showing any records), a dialog screen pops up that says "Sorting records" or something like that and slowly counts down from 250 to 0, but nothing happens after that and no records pop up.


So I guess what I'm asking is how to I show all Customers in the portal without the constant loading or only showing the related record? Is it something in the relationship or how I've structured that portal?


Is there anything here that anyone can gleam any information from or would it be prudent to post a copy of database here with a few example records?