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    FM Cloud volume running out of space ...




      We had 8 small databases running taking 2 % of our volume (40GB).

      When I was uploading a big database (15 GB) the volume was going to 100 % (database with lots of images in containers - internally stored).

      I tried to upgrade to 80 GB volume - not working - errors. Then suddenly all are database were gone … (0 databases hosting)


      I got some help from AWS Australia (it was night in Belgium) The tech-guy could upgrade our instance to 80 GB:

      - database suddenly re-appears

      - everything back normal until I tried again to upload my 15GB database again

      - 80 GB volume went back to 100 %

      - I could delete the 15 GB database

      - volume stays on 65 % of 80 GB while it must be 2% of 40 GB


      This is really a very strange behaviour …