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Import SSL certificate issues

Question asked by marbel911 on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by marbel911

Hi all,


i've bought an SSL certificate thru for my FM Server 16. It's the first time that i buy it and i'm not able to install it correctly.


The certificate to tell the truth comes from Thawthe and is only a reseller (as i discovered it later)


I've followed these steps:

1) i've generated a ServerRequest.pem file from FM server

2) i've pasted it in the request for a SSL Web Server certificate in form and i've paid for it

3) Thawthe contacted me for verification and it was successful

4) Thawthe issued the certificates in three types: .txt, .p7b, .crt

5) Thawthe recommended to install the intermediate certificate and i've downloaded it and created a text file

6) i've tried to import the new certificate both .txt and .crt using the serverKey.pem file generated by FM server using or not the intermediate file but always without success.


FM Server answers: "Verification of signed certification and intermediate ones not successful" or "Impossible to decrypt the file con private key with the password. Be sure that key file and password are correct (but i've not put any password!; it was not mandatory!)



There is someone that has got an experience in this matter and can help me?


Sorry for my english




FM Server 16 on Mac OSX Sierra