Business questions on Filemaker and developing solutions.

Discussion created by cliffribeiro on May 30, 2017
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Hey guys,


My background. I was always computer literate, but never wanted to work with computers professionally. Took on a different career. Many years down the road this led me to opening my own business. Upon opening, I very quickly realized the importance of data – and “good” data at that, to maximize business potential and subsequently human potential. After turning to the available solutions for our industry I noticed how all the platforms geared towards us left way too much to be desired.


I investigated and realized that maybe I could do this. I looked into both filemaker and access and the more traditional path sql/php etc and fell into filemaker for whatever reason. Well it looked prettier, and was relatively quick to learn and deploy something significant. We were on our knees for a solution.


So I started learning how to develop a database and in the process – develop our own. After many, many hours of online training, and many days and weeks developing and building a real cohesive product - I've come to love developing. I went through both beginner and advanced filemaker training on Lynda multiple times, as well as multiple online courses on database theory - normalization, concatenation, ERD diagrams – (this was the most valuable out of all of it. Actually theorizing and putting down all the “real” world semantics of anything!) I was going on a data trip


Now I’m wondering how to make this new skill a viable source of income. I have since developed a pretty complex and in-depth solution for my business and it works well but has its quirks, which seems to be with all complex solutions.


The thought has crossed my mind to somehow sell the solution - I have a huge market that I know is literally a phone call away, but granted it's tied to filemaker becomes a hard sell. How does one provide support? Force clients to buy filemaker licenses? updates????  I noticed how that tends to be an issue in filemaker....Runtimes make sense but what about a hosted solution? Has the thought ever been to rewrite the entire solution in a different platform?


From another side, maybe the filemaker intention is to not for developers to sell solutions, rather develop them! What have your experiences been in evolving to selling a filemaker solution or even a full on software company?