Calculation to Count the Entries in a Repeating Field

Discussion created by jebber6685 on May 30, 2017
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I have a Contacts file with a number repeating field called Project. I use this repeating field called Project to relate a contact to the projects that he/she is involved. I know a table would be better but this is left over from previous FM versions.


I want to make a calculation field that will simply return the number of project that that particular contact has been involved with. So envision a vertical repeating field with max of 25 entries whereby 5 of the repeating fields are filled with a "Unique Project Number" that relates back to that unique project.


How do I create a calculation field that would recognize that 5 of the 25 fields have a numerical value it will thus count those and return "5"?


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


I have FMPro Advanced

OS - Windows 7 & Windows 10