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    FM + Amazon + Japan




      I would like to know if anyone as experience or information about the speed to access from Tokyo FM files stored in the cloud on Amazon (AWS).

      Does the west US Data center or one in Europe be the best?




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          If you are accessing via Webdirect it is fine.  Otherwise it is terrible for FileMaker and FMGo.

          This is based on US to Australia lag, the length of the fibre optic cable from US to Tokyo isn't that much shorter than US to AUS so I'm assuming it will be similar.


          You could always rent your own Amazon EC2 server in Tokyo and install FileMaker server on it.

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            I do not think it is as bad as CarlSchwarz made it out to be. I spend a lot of time in Japan and accessing FM on an AWS US install is not as fast as using a Japan AWS install, but it is not deathly slow.


            I also have very good,if not better, connectivity to non-AWS cloud servers based in USA from Japan. AWS is likely your best bet for a cloud server in Japan. Other cloud services have the common Japan problems of being overpriced and under-delivering in performance and support.


            I would say for the price AWS is not the best performing cloud server you can get for FMS in the USA/Europe (unless you are using FMC). In Japan AWS is the best cost/performance I have seen and that is why it is extremely popular.


            As recommended you can simply startup an instance in Japan and test it.

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              Nice to know! I find the US to Australia painfully slow outside of Webdirect.

              Good point about running a trial, you could trial both FM Cloud in the US/Europe and AWS in Japan for next to nothing and make a choice from there.

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                Thank you for your replies,


                I will try…

                It's just 2 new small files.

                In a year or 2 they will be certainly bigger by their functionalities and weight but in the meantime the cloud's network will certainly growth everywhere.