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    Grouping objects


      (newbee question)


      I have created my first FM DB ....


      I used a text field to create a background rectangle that i can change the color of (red/yellow/green"  based on a condition "priority" - thanks working all good.


      That rectangle has four fields on it  (company name, user, priority and notes) - all good


      Now I am trying to group the 5 objects together and repeat  --my goal is to be able to show 4 records on an IPhone screen


      any hints?

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          1. You don't need to group the objects to duplicate them - if that is your goal.


          2. "and repeat" - if "repeat" means you want to duplicate the five objects to display data from different records, that won't work - you will see data from the same record multiple times.


          What you need to do is set the layout to list view and adjust the height of the layout (its parts) so four records fit into into target display.


          Should "repeat" mean something else, please elaborate.