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Show specific register of a related table

Question asked by snazzy78 on Jun 1, 2017
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I have a Filemaker program which has two tables (Company - (1..n) -> Workers). Workers is the related table.


In a form where show all data of the company. However, I want to show ONLY one register of the workers (for example, the role of project manager who can be ONLY one the workers of that company).


I have another form where Workers are maintained. There, the field 'Project Manager' specify who is the MANAGER (the ONLY one of that company). You can change it wherever you want, but once is changed, it will be shown in the Form of the company.


Anybody can help me? How can I do that? I show the pseudo-code in the first form:



WHERE CompanyId = {Company.Id}

AND ProjectManager = true