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Incomplete Web Content

Question asked by CP42Kx07 on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by CP42Kx07

When I use the “Insert from URL” script step in FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 to get the content of a particular web page the resulting data is incomplete.


The issue also exists if I take the more circuitous route of using a web viewer and the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function.


However, if I enter the url in Safari and then view the web page elements via the Develop / Show Web Inspector menu then the content is complete.


The web page (using GOOG as an example stock):


The missing html section (cookie-related):


<a class="Fl(end) Mt(3px) Cur(p)" href="" download="GOOG.csv">

<svg class="Va(m)! Mend(5px) Stk($actionBlue)! Fill($actionBlue)! Cur(p)" width="15" height="15" viewBox="0 0 48 48" data-icon="download" style="fill: rgb(0, 129, 242); stroke: rgb(0, 129, 242); stroke-width: 0px; vertical-align: bottom;">

<path d="M43.002 43.002h-38c-1.106 0-2.002-.896-2.002-2v-11c0-1.105.896-2 2.002-2 1.103 0 1.998.895 1.998 2v9h34.002v-9c0-1.105.896-2 2-2s2 .895 2 2v11c0 1.103-.896 2-2 2m-19-8L11.57 23.307c-.75-.748-.75-1.965 0-2.715.75-.75 1.965-.75 2.715 0l7.717 7.716V2h4v26.308l7.717-7.716c.75-.75 1.964-.75 2.714 0s.75 1.967 0 2.715L24.002 35.002z">



<span>Download Data</span>



n.b. period1=, period2= & crumb= values will vary.


The missing content relates to the information contained within the Download Data link (see sample file). Interestingly, the content can be accessed in the web viewer version by right click copying the link (just as in Safari).


I presume that the reason must be due to differences between Filemaker’s treatment of web pages (via Insert from URL & GetLayoutObjectAttribute) and that of web browsers such as Safari.


Does anyone know of a work-around for this limitation? Perhaps I could try using AppleScript? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.