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    Portal problem


      Hi all and thank you in advance for your help.


      I am trying to display 4 rows in a portal with a block of color like :



      But all I get  is something like :



      How can I get rid of the white space between the portal rows ?


      Again thank you.

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          In the inspector you have control over the absolute positioning of an object. I would switch the measurement units to "px" if it's on "in" as pixel position is a lot easier to deal with than inches.


          Here's FileMaker's article on the subject:

          Using the Inspector to position objects


          Also, make sure to remove any borders from your colored square. From there it's just trial and error of increasing the height of the colored square and lining it up with the top of the portal row until you get the desired result.


          The shortcut keys to switch between layout and browse mode (Ctrl/cmd + L/B) are your friend.

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            I think it would be sufficient to make that colour block taller, so it fills the portal row vertically. (That can be tricky, so be aware that there is cmd/alt-Z to undo individual changes, or the option to not save changes when switching back to Browse mode to discard all changes).


            Maybe also check the Inspector > Apparance setting for the coloured object, the portal itself and the portal row (background color / padding ...)


            pbqc wrote:

            I am trying to display 4 rows in a portal with a block of color like :

            If you already know that you want to see a maximum of 4 related records, you can switch off the scrollbar and set the # of rows to 4 (both settings in Portal Setup).


            Or does '4' refer only to those portal records with a colour block? If so, disregard the previous advice ...

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              Good advice already posted. Conditional formatting, perhaps, might be useful here?



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                Thank you ! Mike.


                That worked for me.


                And thank you all.