FMP/A MacOS 10.12.5 script cannot save duplex print option

Discussion created by ErichWetzel on Jun 1, 2017
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MacOS 10.12.5 - we do not have PCs so I cannot speak to this issue on PC.

I have brought this issue up before and was hoping it would be resolved with the new version.  macOS FMP print step won't save duplex setting


For some time we have not been able to save the duplex print option in the print dialog box.


Edit script, check duplex print, save script, close script editor, edit script again, duplex print is not checked.


The only work around is to ask users to remember to duplex print things. During the time this issue has existed, our users have not been able to keep it in mind along with the real things they are responsible for.




Thanks - Erich Wetzel