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Upgrading .usr files from FMP 4

Question asked by barb8383 on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by greatgrey

Years ago, I created a database for my local church using the Filemaker Pro 4 Developer's Edition. When I ran it through the binder, it created an .exe and a bunch of .usr files.


Over the years, I was able to make changes to the .usr files by digging out my old WIndows 98 PC and running FMP 4 on it to open the .usr files.


I *think* the developer's part of my software was just to create the initial exe and usr files. After that, I think I was just running regular FMP 4 to make changes directly to the usr files. I didn't need to run anything through the binder again.


Not a surprise that my old pc won't boot up anymore after all this time.


So now i have to figure out what to do.


What's the easiest/cheapest way to upgrade my files into something that will run on modern day PCs and Macs, and let me make changes to it? Do they even make a developer's edition anymore?


I see info in this forum about converting .fp3 files, but nothing about .usr files.


Thanks in advance,