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FileMaker Server 16 Certificate Request

Question asked by dchretien on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by antidote

I have a client with a two-machine configuration.  It was running with FileMaker Server 15, using a certificate based on a request generated through the FileMaker Server 15 Admin Console.


We un-installed FileMaker Server 15 from both machines, and installed FileMaker Server 16.  The new installation did not recognize the old certificate, so I began the process of creating a request for a new certificate.


This process is not working, whether run from the Admin Console on the master machine or from any other machine.


Clicking on the "Create Request..." button brings up a dialog with the option to "Download," "Start Over,:" or "Close." 


Clicking "Download" downloads an old request.


Clicking "Start Over," after confirming, displays a message saying that says "serverRequest.pem and serverKey.pem delete successfully."  (That is exactly how the message displays.)  But, clicking "Create Request..." after this brings up the same dialog as before.


Checking the "CStore" folder shows a "serverRequest.pem" file from a year ago, but no "serverKey.pem" file.


My first instinct is to manually delete the old "serverRequest.pem" file, and try again, but I'm not sure if it's a safe move to delete it.


Has anyone encountered this?  Any Suggestions?