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Overcoming Server Cache and uploads without Port 443

Question asked by steveoh on May 31, 2017
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Good Afternoon


Let me start by saying I have greatly appreciated help I have received here in the past.  As a largely self taught developer this community has helped me to learn a lot and hopefully one day I can give back in a similar way.  Thank you to all those who have given me advice and tips to help on that journey.  You're awesome.


To the current matter, I've recently been working on a solution converting our current business to paperless.  To accomplish this I have a series of iPads running FMGO that I am using as customer signing platforms that also display paperwork.


I've come to a problem in the course of my work and despite my best efforts have been forced to come up with dirty workarounds that, while somewhat effective, are still dirty workarounds.  Basically, my problem has to do with cache.  The iPad and the computer can display the same fields for the same record with different information.


My current dirty fix is to have a field that is replaced with Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) whenever changes are made on the computer.  It is also being updated on the iPad and acts as in a makeshift refresh script that forces the record to load it's current server version.  While this works and is relatively light weight, the fix does not work when creating new records or updating portals.   It's maddening.


Also, in the same line of inquiry, I have need to upload PDF's for storage purposes, but doing so without port 443, which also enables web direct, is proving to be tedious.  Is there another way to upload files that can be done without opening port 443?  Currently, having that port closed means each uploaded pdf takes up to a minute, which is crippling when multiple PDF's have to be uploaded at once.


For the cases of this problem, you should assume that the server settings can't be drastically altered as they have a solution hosted thereon that should not be changed.


So, in summary, my two issues are:

  • Overcoming Server Cache
  • Uploading without Port 443


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.