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    Tooltips on Image-based buttons for WebDirect 16


      Years ago I submitted an issue related to buttons created from images.  Tooltips on image buttons didn't work with WebDirect (but fine on FMPA13).  This was a known issue on 13.  I recently upgraded to FMPA 16 and the same issue still seems to exist.  My workaround for the past few years has been to place a transparent rectangle button over the image to get the tooltip to work. I tried to update the existing FM 13 buttons and tried to add a new button.  Same result.  Any updates on this issue?

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          Thank you for your post!


          Per the FileMaker 16 WebDirect Guide:

          Tooltips are not supported with the following layout objects: text, images, fields that do not allow entry, merge fields, merge variables, portals, charts, and web viewers that do not allow interaction.

          This may be something to suggest in Product Ideas.



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            Per TSPigeon's response, tooltips are still not supported for image objects on layouts in WebDirect (even if the images are formatted as buttons). But as another potential workaround, would it work for your solution to place an actual button object on the layout (with no text label) and then give it an image fill with the desired image? That button would display a specified tooltip in WebDirect.


            This would also allow you to have slightly different appearances for hover and clicked (pressed) states for further user feedback (note: keyboard focus cannot be brought to a button in WebDirect, so you won't see the in-focus state style there).

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