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    Unique values question


      I inherited a solution where one field should have been set up to a unique value. Right now there are over 400 duplicate values in this field. I would like to change the field to validate as unique. Will this affect the records that have already been created?

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          No, but upon adding yet another duplicate, you would get a dialog like this:


          This isn't the kind of dialog a user should see or have to understand or decide how to proceed with, however.




          It's always a good idea to experiment with a play layout to see what happens first.




          Note that FMP using Find and "!" will find all the duplicates including the single value. So, if you're going to write a script, be careful how you delete duplicate entries. There's no undo for a delete in FMP that I'm aware of (other than a backup...).

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            Thanks. I wanted to fix it but was afraid it would damage the existing records.