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    Mass Email using Filemake Pro 13


      I would like to send a personalized email to several email addresses, and display information pulled from each individuals record. I would like the email to read something like the following, bracketed information is what I would like to have pulled from each record:


      "Thank you for registering  [Childs First Name] for [Resident Camp]! Your balance due is: [Balance Due]. Please submit final payments at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. I will list the forms we have received and the forms that are still needed below. Please find the forms in the attachment."

      Forms Received or Needed:

      [Health Form]

      [Dietary Form]

      [Permission Slip]"

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          You could send a HTML email via MBS FileMaker Plugin with SendMail.


          In your html template you can put placeholders which you replace with actual values and have a similar layout in the email.

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            No plug in needed-- but the HTML formatting made possible by a plug in might be nice.


            You can store your email in a text field so that it is easy to edit and update over time. Placeholder text can mark the location and type of data to be inserted from your solution. The substitute function can the replace the placeholders with data.


            Text in your field might read just like you posted here, or you might use other characters in place of the square brackets.


            Substitute ( yourtable::yourtextfield ; ["[Child's First Name]" ; camper::firstName ] ; [ "[Resident Camp]" ; camper::residentCamp ] and so forth....

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              Jens Teich

              This is possible by simple File>Send>Email.  Mail body can contain a calculation which replaces your tags:


                substitute( yourTemplateString; ["firstName";table::firstName]; ....).


              If you want to save this procedure it would be better to save options of this step in a script.


              If you require documentation about exact recipients of your mail(s) it requires even more.  It might make sense to create two additional tables like:


                person -< mail >- mass mailing



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                If you are doing large bulk emails, another thing to consider is being identified as spam either by your own mail host provider or your recipients'.

                The method I use is to loop through each record that requires an email (via scripting).  Each email is a one-off.  You can also do more individual merge field integration.  This is much slower than sending out one email or sets of email batches, but is typically more acceptable.

                There are mail providers that also restrict how many emails you send out in a specified period (gMail comes to mind).  So it's always good to have a mail service that will work with you.

                Lastly, there are issues sending emails for Exchange users if you are trying to bypass Outlook.  For that, you will need a plug-in to defeat the Exchange server security settings.

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                  If you click on that little triangle at the bottom, you can add more fields and text.


                  Unfortunately, you cannot have more than one attachment per e-mail without a plugin.

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                    David Jondreau wrote:


                    Unfortunately, you cannot have more than one attachment per e-mail without a plugin.

                    Well, there are ways around the multiple attachment issue without using a plug-in.


                    Using a simple REST service and some JavaMail code (simple, found on Web), you can go to town with email programming. Sure, there's some setup and some learning, but in the end you have a service that would work from any HTTP verb-enabled application.


                    Multiple attachments? No problem. Coding? Sure, a bit.