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    Return count from continuous rows of value by row (formula)



      ModelCategoryDisplay SizeSerial NumberTL Asset TagCurrent Office LocationOfficeStatusFormula
      MSI Dominator PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK101172USWLTLPUSWLTLP01172-1f6&"-"&COUNTIF($F$6:$F6,"="&f6)
      MSI Dominator PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK201402USWLTLPUSWLTLP01402-1
      MSI Dominator PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK301403USWLTLPUSWLTLP01403-1
      MSI Dominator PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK401172USWLTLPUSWLTLP01172-2
      MSI Dominator PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK501407USWLTLPUSWLTLP01407-1
      MSI Dominator - Wireless PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK601172USWLTLPUSWLTLP01172-3
      MSI Dominator PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK701172USWLTLPUSWLTLP01172-4
      MSI Dominator PC_Laptop GT722QE211USK801412USWLTLPUSWLTLP01412-1



      So what I trying to acheive is for each line return the asset tag number and time the number is found going down each row.  By this I mean, 01172 is found once between row 1 and 1 from row 1 and 3, 12 times from youw 1 and row d, etc.